Passive voice (with solutions)

1 – They were seeking a new social order.

A new social order __________________________________________

2 – Nature is being threatened by high technology.

High Technology ___________________________________________

3 – The new President imposed a drastic economic plan and he saved the country from catrastophe.

A drastic economic plan ______________________________________

4 – They didn’t fulfil the people’s expections.

The people’s expectations ____________________________________

5 – Everybody was consuming contaminated food and water.

Contaminated food and water __________________________________

6 – Foreign fishermen were eliminating not only commercial fish but other rare species.

Not only commercial fish ______________________________________

7 – Someone has reported computer software malfunctions.

Computer software malfunctions _________________________________

8 – The first prototype will be delivered in 2005.

They ______________________________________________________

9 –  The pristine forest wasn’t devastated by wildfires but by men.

Men _______________________________________________________

10 – Thousands of buildings were being threatened by the blaze.

The blaze ____________________________________________________

11 – More than 23,000 people have been mobilized this summer.

They ________________________________________________________

12 – They didn’t prohibit cooking in the forest.

Cooking in the forest _____________________________________________

13 – They know that she receives eletronic mail messages from all countries.

She __________________________________________________________

14 – They have already discovered something but they haven’t told Norton yet.

Something __________________but Norton___________________________

15 – They turned off the lights and left the room in the dark.

The lights ______________________and the room______________________

16 – She is going to dedicate her best look to her nephews.

Her nephews ____________________________________________________

17 – They say that power stations emit acid smoke.

Power stations ___________________________________________________

18 – They alleged that the air outside was polluted.

The air _________________________________________________________

19 – The department of Education is going to make an important finanantial contribution to the project.

An important finantial contribution _____________________________________

20 – Society should offer them rewarding jobs.

They ____________________________________________________________

21 – Skin Cancer is said to be caused by a long exposure to the sun.

A long exposure to the sun _____________________________________________

22 – They say that employment cause social unrest.

Social unrest _______________________________________________________

23 – It is admitted that new jobs require the use of telecommunication.

New jobs __________________________________________________________

24 – Everybody thinks that factories are polluting the rivers.

Factories __________________________________________________________

25 – It was claimed that the drug produced no undesirable side-effects.

The drug __________________________________________________________

26 – They believe that government is thinking of imposing new special taxes.

The Government ____________________________________________________

27 – They allege that each family throws away one tonne of rubbish every year.

Each family_________________________________________________________


1 – A new social order was being sought.

2 – High Technology is threatening Nature.

3 – A drastic economic plan was imposed by the new President and the country was saved from catrastophe.

4 – The people’s expectations weren’t fulfilled.

5 – Contaminated food and water were being consumed.

6 – Not only commercial fish but other rare species were being eliminated by foreign fishermen.

7 – Computer software malfunctions have been reported.

8 – They will deliver the first prototype in 2005.

9 – Men and not wildfires devastated the pristine forest.

10 – The blaze was threatening thousands of buildings.

11 – They have mobilized more than 23,000 people this summer.

12 – Cooking in the forest wasn’t prohibited.

13 – She is known to receive electronic mail messages from all countries.

14 – Something has already been discovered but Norton hasn’t been told yet.

15 – The lights were turned off and the room was left in the dark.

16 – Her nephews are going to be dedicated her best book.

17 – Power stations are said to emit acid smoke.

18 – The air outside was alleged to be polluted.

19 – An important finantial contribution is going to be made by the department of Education.

20 – They should be offered rewarding jobs.

21 – A long exposure to the sun is saud to cause Skin Cancer.

22 – Social unrest is said to be caused by unemployment.

23 – New jobs are admitted to require the use of telecommunication.

24 – Factoriesare thought to be polluting the rivers.

25 – The drug was claimed to have produced no undesirable side-effects.

26 – The Government is believed to be thinking of imposing new special taxes.

27 – Each family is alleged to throw away one tonne of rubbish every year.


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