Passive voice (with solutions)

Exercise 1:

1 – They were seeking a new social order.

A new social order __________________________________________

2 – Nature is being threatened by high technology.

High Technology ___________________________________________

3 – The new President imposed a drastic economic plan and he saved the country from catrastophe.

A drastic economic plan ______________________________________

4 – They didn’t fulfil the people’s expections.

The people’s expectations ____________________________________

5 – Everybody was consuming contaminated food and water.

Contaminated food and water __________________________________

6 – Foreign fishermen were eliminating not only commercial fish but other rare species.

Not only commercial fish ______________________________________

7 – Someone has reported computer software malfunctions.

Computer software malfunctions _________________________________

8 – The first prototype will be delivered in 2005.

They ______________________________________________________

9 –  The pristine forest wasn’t devastated by wildfires but by men.

Men _______________________________________________________

10 – Thousands of buildings were being threatened by the blaze.

The blaze ____________________________________________________

11 – More than 23,000 people have been mobilized this summer.

They ________________________________________________________

12 – They didn’t prohibit cooking in the forest.

Cooking in the forest _____________________________________________

13 – They know that she receives eletronic mail messages from all countries.

She __________________________________________________________

14 – They have already discovered something but they haven’t told Norton yet.

Something __________________but Norton___________________________

15 – They turned off the lights and left the room in the dark.

The lights ______________________and the room______________________

16 – She is going to dedicate her best look to her nephews.

Her nephews ____________________________________________________

17 – They say that power stations emit acid smoke.

Power stations ___________________________________________________

18 – They alleged that the air outside was polluted.

The air _________________________________________________________

19 – The department of Education is going to make an important finanantial contribution to the project.

An important finantial contribution _____________________________________

20 – Society should offer them rewarding jobs.

They ____________________________________________________________

21 – Skin Cancer is said to be caused by a long exposure to the sun.

A long exposure to the sun _____________________________________________

22 – They say that employment cause social unrest.

Social unrest _______________________________________________________

23 – It is admitted that new jobs require the use of telecommunication.

New jobs __________________________________________________________

24 – Everybody thinks that factories are polluting the rivers.

Factories __________________________________________________________

25 – It was claimed that the drug produced no undesirable side-effects.

The drug __________________________________________________________

26 – They believe that government is thinking of imposing new special taxes.

The Government ____________________________________________________

27 – They allege that each family throws away one tonne of rubbish every year.

Each family_________________________________________________________

Exercise 2: 

Transform the active verbs below into the passive voice. Omit the by-agent whenever possible.

a) Most students use school computers for projects.

School ____________________________________________________________

b) Nowadays people renovate old apartments and rent them out.

Nowadays ________________________________________________________

c) Consumers can find fantastic deals in sales.

Fantastic __________________________________________________________

d) Everyone ate my birthday cake in five minutes.

My ________________________________________________________________

Exercise 3: 

Rephrase the following sentences, beginning the words given. Omit the by-agent whenever possible.

a) Nowadays many firms make employees redudant without warning.

Nowadays employees _______________________________________________

b) Parents were invited to the school meeting on Saturday.

The school __________________________________________________________

c) All teachers give tests before the end of the term.

Tests ________________________________________________________________

d) Apple has been producing innovative hardware for some years.

Innovative __________________________________________________________

e) Sensationalistic articles are often written just to sell papers.

Reporters ___________________________________________________________



Exercise 1:

1 – A new social order was being sought.

2 – High Technology is threatening Nature.

3 – A drastic economic plan was imposed by the new President and the country was saved from catrastophe.

4 – The people’s expectations weren’t fulfilled.

5 – Contaminated food and water were being consumed.

6 – Not only commercial fish but other rare species were being eliminated by foreign fishermen.

7 – Computer software malfunctions have been reported.

8 – They will deliver the first prototype in 2005.

9 – Men and not wildfires devastated the pristine forest.

10 – The blaze was threatening thousands of buildings.

11 – They have mobilized more than 23,000 people this summer.

12 – Cooking in the forest wasn’t prohibited.

13 – She is known to receive electronic mail messages from all countries.

14 – Something has already been discovered but Norton hasn’t been told yet.

15 – The lights were turned off and the room was left in the dark.

16 – Her nephews are going to be dedicated her best book.

17 – Power stations are said to emit acid smoke.

18 – The air outside was alleged to be polluted.

19 – An important finantial contribution is going to be made by the department of Education.

20 – They should be offered rewarding jobs.

21 – A long exposure to the sun is saud to cause Skin Cancer.

22 – Social unrest is said to be caused by unemployment.

23 – New jobs are admitted to require the use of telecommunication.

24 – Factories are thought to be polluting the rivers.

25 – The drug was claimed to have produced no undesirable side-effects.

26 – The Government is believed to be thinking of imposing new special taxes.

27 – Each family is alleged to throw away one tonne of rubbish every year.

Exercise 2: 

a) School computers are used for projects by most students.

b) Nowadays old apartments are renovated and rent out.

c) Fantastic deals can found in sales by consumers.

d) My birthday cake was eaten in five minutes.

Exercise 3: 

a) Nowadays employees are made redudant by many firms without warning.

b) The school invited parents to the school meeting on Saturday.

c) Tests are given before the end of the term.

d) Innovative hardware has been being produced by Apple for some years.

e) Reporters  often write sensationalistic articles just to sell papers.


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