If Clauses/Conditional (with solutions)

1 – I didn’t forget because he rang me on Friday night.

If he hadn’t ___________________________________________________________

2 – You were sleeping very soundly, so you couldn’t hear the storm.

If you hadn’t __________________________________________________________

3 – He can’t answer you because he wasn’t paying any attention.

If he paid ______________________________________________________________

4 – I lost my spectacles and so I couldn’t read.

If I hadn’t _______________________________________________________________

5 – He didn’t study hard and so he failed his exams.

If he had _________________________________________________________________

6 – You should have come before in order to get an autograph from the President.

If you had ________________________________________________________________

7 – They have built factories there because they found out coal in the soil.

If they hadn’t ______________________________________________________________

8 – They should be flexible enough to allow workers the freedom to participate in the decisions of the government.

If they were flexible enough they __________________________________________

9 – Environmentalists protested so vehemently because the government projected to destroy the rainforest.

If the government hadn’t ___________________________________________________

10 – The protesters tried to block the gates and so they were put to prison.

If the protesters didn’t _______________________________________________________

11 – The Environmental Protection Association made the right recommendations and so the town people were able to avoid the disaster.

If the Environmental Protection Association didn’t ___________________________


1 – If he hadn’t rung me on Friday night, I would have forgotten.

2 – If you hadn’t slept so soundly, you would have heard the storm.

3 – If he paid attention, he would be able to answer you.

4 – If I hadn’t lost my spectacles, I would have been able to read.

5 – If he had studied hard, he wouldn’t have failed his exams.

6 – If you had come before, you would have got an autograph from the President.

7 – If they hadn’t found out coal in the soil, they wouldn’t have built factories there.

8 – If they were flexible enough they would allow workers to participate in the decisions of the government.

9 – If the government hadn’t projected to destroy the rain forest, environmentalists wouldn’t have protested so vehemently.

10 – If the protesters didn’t try to block the gates they wouldn’t be put to prison.

11 – If the Environmental Protection Association didn’t make the right recommendations, the town people wouldn’t be able to avoid the disaster.


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